Equity Subscription Terms of Service

Openinterestanalyst.com (OIA) publishes reports (The Service) to Subscribers on a monthly fee basis. Garry Stern is the publisher of the methodologies used in its reports and subscribers to the service understand and agree to this. The General Terms Of Service are incorporated into the Equity Terms Of Service by reference and subscribers agree to the terms of both agreements.

Equity Services Provided:                                                   

Portfolio review

I begin work by evaluating each of your positions for their performance against competitors, their industries, sectors, the S&P 500 and other indices of your choice. I send the results of the analysis for your review and give you my opinion on the current and future prospects of each position. This includes whether to hold, trim or sell them. At your request, I will supply alternative securities in the same industry/sector as the underperformers but only if they outperform. 

Long Candidates

An essential part of my work is to find new securities that possess the characteristics mandated by my methodology. This is a time consuming endeavor and because markets change rapidly, it is an ongoing process. Sectors, industries and companies move in and out of favor and I am looking for major turning points to uncover obscure opportunities. This gives your firm a special edge because the investment community ignores the tactical aspects of investing due to its labor intensive nature.

Short Sale Candidates 

Short selling is difficult for a variety of reasons. However, the primary cause is that investors are equally undisciplined about controlling risk on shorts as they are on longs. Also, many short sellers make the mistake of picking market tops and selecting candidates in bull markets. My short-selling strategies follow the same rigorous analysis and risk-management principles as my long recommendations.

Portfolio Monitoring

It is important for your portfolio to be monitored on a daily basis. I enter your positions into a database and this allows me to quickly assess your portfolio’s performance and prospects against benchmarks for any period. Using my technical tools, I assess the strength or weakness of your positions on an ongoing basis and notify you of material changes. If you want specific candidates to be followed, I will set up a separate watchlist and notify you of any new technical developments. When I see interesting opportunities, I send you charts with performance statistics. 

Research Notes and Communications

When little known developments occur in markets, I send research notes to keep you informed. For example, in early January 2022, the 2021 underperformance of QQQ and XLK against 2020 and 2019 was relatively unknown. However, this data point was the harbinger of sector rotation out of technology.

The monthly fee also includes daily telephone/text/email communications with me during and after market hours.

Subscription Term

Each subscription period is for three months and is paid in three monthly increments until the end of the subscription period. Monthly fees are due on or before the first of each month and new subscriptions will be prorated when they begin before the first of the month. One week prior to the end of the subscription period, OIA will send a renewal notice for another three months specifying the date of expiry and inviting the subscriber to renew the subscription. If the subscription to the service is not renewed, it will expire at the end of the subscription period. 


The monthly fee for the equity service is forty-five hundred dollars ($4,500). Payments are made via PayPal.  Subscribers agree that full or partial refunds will not be provided.