Futures Subscription Terms of Service

Openinterestanalyst.com (OIA) publishes reports (The Service) to Subscribers on a monthly fee basis. Garry Stern is the publisher of the methodologies used in its reports and subscribers to the service understand and agree to this. The General Terms Of Service are incorporated into the Futures Terms Of Service by reference and subscribers agree to the terms of both agreements.

Futures Services Provided

Each trading day, Clients shall receive an analysis for each futures market subscription. A single futures market subscription consists of the analysis of one commodity, currency or financial future. The report includes an interpretation of P-V-OI data from the previous day. I provide my opinions on the market environment along with recommendations to buy, sell, or stand aside. The daily report also highlights other futures contracts that may be making a move. Each Monday, I publish data from the CFTC Commitment of Traders for the relevant subscription along with my interpretation. Seasonal trends, as previously mentioned, can provide a unique perspective and are included in reports when relevant. Opportunities may arise in securities based upon the movement of commodities and these are presented at no extra charge. The monthly fee also includes daily telephone/text/email communications with me during and after market hours.

Subscription Term

The subscription period for each commodity is for three months and is paid in three monthly increments until the end of the subscription period. Monthly fees are due on or before the first of each month and new subscriptions will be prorated when they begin before the first of the month. One week prior to the end of the subscription period, OIA will send a renewal notice for another three months specifying the date of expiry and inviting the subscriber to renew the subscription. If the subscription to the service is not renewed, it will expire at the end of the subscription period.


The monthly fee for the Futures Service is eight hundred dollars per month ($800.00) for each commodity, currency, or financial future with a three-month commitment for each. Payments are made via PayPal. Subscribers agree that full or partial refunds will not be provided.