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Natural Gas:  On July 24, New York natural gas generated short term sell signal and remains on an intermediate term sell signal. The sell signal reversed the July 18 short term buy signal.

September natural gas lost 7.9 cents on volume of 464,910 contracts. Total open interest declined by 7,582 contracts, which relative to volume is approximately 35% below average. The August contract lost of 30,059 contracts. As this report is being compiled on July 25 the August contract September contract is  advancing, up 4.4 cents on light volume. Stand aside.

Chicago Wheat: On July 24, September and December 2017 Chicago wheat generated short term sell signals and remains on intermediate term buy signals.

Live Cattle: October 2017 live cattle is going to generate a short term sell signal on July 25. This reverses the July 13 short term buy signal. The October contract remains on an intermediate term sell signal.